Howling Sun Food and Beverage LLC

Our Traveling Wolf.

He's a traveling Wolf. One day he will come to your neck of the woods.

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Our Story

Our labels tell the story of our Wolf's travels. When he moves into new territories, we enjoy telling his story.

Our love of great sauces goes back many years and we often experiment with different recipes and flavors for our own personal use with family and friends. Over the last few years, times were tough and the kids were grown. I had remembered a story about a Oregon wandering wolf and some of my spicy sauce recipes popped into my head. Our boy doesn't sneak around at night whining at the moon, he goes out there and howls at the sun.

I looked at my son one day and said, "Hey, you're just getting started and I'm starting over, let's try this." and the concept of Howling Sun Food and Beverage was born. So, it's the two of us and our love of good food and flavors to share with the world.

Our boy, the Wolf (HS1), is the personification of the NW spirit of our sauces and the delicious bite to be had with many great dishes, breakfast, lunch and dinner.

As we began to grow, we thought it would be fun to let the public track the travels of our wolf, and his pack, much like many followed the travels of the most famous Oregon gray wolf. You can follow the Wolf as his habitat expands and you can entice him to come to your neighborhood too on our "Track" page.

We hope you enjoy the spirit of the Wolf and what it can do for your tastebuds.

Gary Fleenor - Owner
Devin Fleenor - Co-Owner